Power From Within

Even if we had the most loving and wise parents, most of us were raised by people who were passing on to us what they knew about how to be safe and succeed in the world they were familiar with. 

And even though, essentially, we may share the same core values and ideals, we don’t live in the same world as the one that shaped our parents and grandparents and ancestors. 

Many of us don’t want to. 

So, to meet our current monumental challenges, to live true to ourselves, to build sustainable and inclusive relationships, we need to mother ourselves. We need to re-member ourselves by reconnecting with our gifts, our talents, our own way of knowing, our creativity, our resilience, our strong hearts, our fiery will, our naïve hopes, our far-fetched dreams and our many-faceted selves (including the ones that terrified our parents). 

We need to own, to build, and to wield our inner power. Our power-from-within. 

Power-from-Within includes our ability to be our full selves, to live our creative impulse, to be resilient, to be able to make our own choices, to care for ourselves and for others, and to contribute to our community. It is our inner power that is not dependent upon outward conditions like hierarchal position, privilege or possessions. Certainly, it is influenced by others and by situations, and yet it is still ours to tend, grow, and engage. 

Personal life coaching for women is all about understanding, building, and using our power-from-within. It’s about gaining useful, practical tools for navigating our beautiful, messy lives. Because life is at times chaotic, awesome, heart breaking, gorgeous, and exhausting.

In my more than 20 years of working with women, I have found that we face many similar challenges to living our full power-from-within. I’ve worked with women individually and I’ve offered classes in my Building Power-from-Within series. Just some of these recurring themes in our quest to live our best lives include:

Understanding this thing called boundaries. In our endless and incessantly demanding world we may give more of ourselves away than is good for us. Or we can get confused with knowing what thoughts and feelings belong to us and what really belong to others. 

Getting past the inner critic. You know that brutal inner voice that reminds us we are not good enough, or that we are way too much, to ever be really loved or successful. Or you may be familiar with its tricky dream-busting strategy of self-doubt and seconding guessing. There absolutely are ways to get past this devious, cruel liar.

Reclaiming our desire. So, so many of us are extremely good at meeting the needs and wants of others. In fact, we’ve been so good at it for so long that we often have no idea of what we really want or need. 

Recovering from overwhelm. In many phases of our lives or situations the need exceeds our resources. When we feel overwhelmed and so focused on the current crisis we know we are leaving big hunks of ourselves and our lives behind, we need an entirely new frame of reference. It’s not about working smarter or harder, but something beyond the offered boxes. 

Breaking out of curses. Most of us have been impacted by limiting stories that can feel so captivating we could call them curses – because of their nearly palpable force of “truth.” It’s really helpful to see through these illusions, breaking out of the energy of them, to remember who we really are. 

Standing tall in a world turned upside down. We’ve all had times in our individual lives that were tumultuous that it was hard to get grounded and see our steady horizon ahead. In this time of global pandemic and unimaginable climate crisis, our shared world is quite wobbly if not fully on its head. Especially when there are no outer stable reference points we need to trust our own inner compass and direction. 

Making our way through the territory of loss. If there’s one thing many of us have learned in recent years is that things can quickly and completely, no matter how much we don’t want them to. Or change can erode away parts of our live, of us, ever so slowly in an unstoppable flow to relinquishing what we have dearly loved. As we age, as paradigms shift, as personal and global events hone us down to the bone, we need reliable tools for navigating this new landscape of loss. 

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If any of these challenges are familiar to you,

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