Crone’s Crossing: Radical, empowering inspiration for Crones, Hags, Rebels & Wise Women of Experience and Vision

Circle Sisters, gorgeous ones, you with some years and some tears, you with grand dreams and unchosen challenges, you with choices to make and fears to face, you who want to live vibrantly even as your muscles and bones and brains seem to be slowing down, you who reject the image and roles the over-culture wants to dream you into, I’m calling you! I’m calling you to join me in Crone’s Crossing: Radical, empowering inspiration for Crones, Hags, Rebels & Wise Women of Experience and Vision.

I’m calling you. I’m calling us to step fully into a different story, one of meaning and measure, that is more aligned with our True Selves in our aging years. 

I’m calling us to fiercely support each other as we carry our personal burdens, live our creative joy, and grandmother our tribe through these chaotic times. 

I’m calling us to break free of the limited beliefs and torturous expectations of old, failing paradigms. 

Woman as Crone is one of the most devalued archetypes in this patriarchal culture. Like it or not we all have internalized some form of this oppression. 

We have long been separated from the Wise Woman Sacred Traditions that celebrate and call forth the deep, fierce, and life-affirming power of the Crone.  

Crone’s Crossing is an offering for those of us who are just beginning the metamorphosis of menopause, or those of us who are fully in the dissolving and reforming cocoon, and even those of us who are well into the territory of Crone. 

Crone’s Crossing: Radical, empowering inspiration for Crones, Hags, Rebels & Wise Women of Experience and Vision – honors, supports and treasures women as Crone, as She Who Holds Her Wise Blood Inside.

Using coaching, visualization, wise woman storytelling, ritual, and sacred witnessing I will mentor and guide you through your Crone’s Crossing into this last stage of our Blood Mysteries.  Together we will explore:

  • celebrating your transition,
  • seeing through the illusions of oppression,
  • developing the capacity for holding the polarities in your life,
  • owning your strengths and accomplishments,
  • bringing your healing light to past regrets,
  • disentangling yourself from entrenched roles that are no longer a good fit for you,
  • recovering what may have been misplaced, taken, or foolishly given,
  • ritually recognizing your profound metamorphosis,
  • building your muscles for navigating the territory of loss and of possibility,
  • embracing the dreams you’ve never outgrown,
  • championing our shared vision for the far future,
  • and stepping fully into your Self as Crone, as She Who Holds the Earth in the Heart of Her Womb Space.

Crone’s Crossing, Radical, empowering inspiration for Crones, Hags, Rebels
& Wise Women of Experience and Vision

A rocky path through mist angling down a mountain with mossy rocks to the left.

Together we are reclaiming and renewing the sacred rites of passage we as women go through in our lives. Crone’s crossing sessions honor each woman’s life experiences and wisdom, challenges and gifts, knowing and processes.

If you missed the opportunity for your own rite of passage, it’s not too late to spend some precious time in sacred space, gathering up the magic and mystery for yourself now. It’s never too late to re-member and re-generate our sweet selves. 

This from Ann Drucker:

“Christine held my hand, helped me grow and coached me with impeccable wisdom as I journeyed to the threshold of my crone years.  She created and facilitated a brilliant, beautiful ceremony of support, song, and power to welcome me into the sisterhood of wise women.  Thank you Christine!”

This from Roxy F.:

I reached out to Christine seeking help in reframing the aging process and to prepare myself as crone.  She gently held my hand and guided me through her powerful Crone’s Crossing program. We gathered the gifts from my past maiden and mother years, healed past traumas with the wisdom of where I stand now and reshaped my approach to the future.  It is a very powerful process and Christine guides you in such a loving, supportive, gentle way.  She is very gifted in what she does with deep rooted wisdom at her core. Her mindful listening and nurturing ways empowers one to find clarity and reshape your thinking.  It culminated in my Crone’s Ceremony – a life changing event.  She created and led me and my dearest sisters through an initiation anchored in love and support.  I have never felt more love and support than I did that day.  Every woman needs to have this experience.

Curious but want to know more about this whole concept of Crone, of the power of older women, of what this might mean for you?

Contact me. I’d love to hear from you.