Blessing Artist

On Becoming a Blessing Artist

My heart told me to become a Blessing Artist. It’s not a very good idea to ignore the messages from your heart, especially when you ask for guidance.

So here I am, figuring out what it means to be a Blessing Artist.

I have some idea that it means to spread intentional good will into this often-troubled world. With every email closing or in a funny text stream I’ve often felt pulled to shower joy or inspiration or encouragement on my contacts. And I want to meet every snarky meme in social media with a twist of compassion and humor.

But I don’t want to sound preachy or be proselytizing. So although I am researching how various spiritual traditions practice blessing, this is not a religious endeavor.

The desire to wish good on people is part of our human desire for what I call practical magic. We want to positively impact people and situations through our hearts, minds, and words. We yearn to cast “our thoughts and prayers” to aid others. We want to share our joy and good fortune. We want to be voices for benevolence and opportunity, often for people we don’t even know personally.

In my exploration I’ve begun to realize that blessings are a clarifying, a naming, a statement on behalf of another, a stand for our shared well being, a witnessing, a resonance, a reminder of possibilities, a comfort, a calling forth, a dreaming into being.

Image of a tree with the figure of a woman or tree goddess as part of the treeBlessings are an invitation and a remembering, a divination and an envisioning fueled by the power of love and clear intention. They are not so much requests as they are acts of co-creation. They are the antithesis of worry and judgment, because they draw from our shared deep well of creativity, love, and unfathomable strength.

Just as we would offer our guests food, drink, and shelter we can extend beyond ourselves to encompass others in our love by seeing them as their true selves, by seeing their creativity, brilliance and resilience.

Blessings, too, bring us together. They help us remember that no matter our differences, we want many of the same things for our selves and our loved ones. Who doesn’t want great hair days, to easily be able to speak our truth when necessary, or to have the comfort of a cozy bed with clean sheets? Who doesn’t wish for safe travels, breathing room in a busy schedule, and simple joys? Wouldn’t we all be thrilled to know we are deeply respected, loved beyond all measure, and the first pick of any team?

Wanna spread some blessing joy with me? 

Email me with your thoughts on blessings or reply to my blog posts. Pass on the Blessing Artist memes that touch you. If you haven’t already, please sign up to get my blog posts sent to you. Let’s shower our friends, loved ones, and the world with the essence of good will. In this time of so much uncertainty, fear, and contraction let’s expand love.