You are a magnificent, vast reservoir of strength and capacity. You come from a long line of resilient, formidable survivors, problem solvers, and enduring ones.

No matter your weariness, frustration, or disenchantment, you are still, always, irrepressible and naturally creative, resourceful and whole. We all are literally made of stardust, brimming with life force, from a miracle-of-life planet, descendants of brilliant and determined people.

No matter what lies your inner or outer critics would have you believe, you are more than enough, exactly as you are. You absolutely can successfully meet the challenges before you.

As Joanna Macy reminds us, we all have inherent wisdom, power, and authority. “You weren’t born yesterday. Remember that every atom in every cell of your body goes back through time in an unbroken succession of life, of survivors and adaptors right back to that initial fireball which created space and time. Or if you want to feel younger, take the age of our planet, five billion years. Reap the authority that your true age bestows upon you.”

So today, gorgeous, breathe a bit more expansively and easily. Sink your roots deep into your very own wise, ancient, vibrant, tough, immeasurably talented, and capable self. You’ve got this!

8 comments on “Vast Strength

    • Thanks, Lynne. I needed the reminder myself. I wrote it to reboot my looping mind that was spiraling perilously close to powerlessness.

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