Women, Wildness and Power

A field trip to the circus in first grade forever shifted my sense of women and power.  In the midst of the magic and wonder of wild animals, vibrant color, exotic sounds, daring entertainers and cotton candy I was enchanted by the lady lion tamer.  More than 50 years later I can still see her in her sparkly and skimpy costume with her whip facing a roaring lion in a very, very small cage.  She was bold, absolutely sure of herself and fearless.

(For you delightful Gen Ys and Millennials when I was growing up the word “woman” was  considered a pejorative term for females that just wasn’t used in polite society.  Women were called ladies and were expected to behave as such.  Period.)

This lady lion tamer was a living, breathing actual wonder woman for me.  She shattered my young notions of possibilities for women.  More than a decade before the modern feminist movement roared into our shared consciousness this one woman I experienced for very brief time nudged me along a life time path.

No, I’m not a circus performer nor am I all that into whips.  I do love to hang out with wild animals, though.  And I’m devoted to being in the company of wild women.  Actually I’m devoted to bringing out the sparkly, bold, courageous, wild power of women.

Wild as in connected with instinctive and intuitive knowing, breathing freely, able to roam with awareness through inner and outer territories, capable of using innate talents. Wild as is not overly domesticated, not focused on outer approval at the expense of personal truth.  Wild as in authentic, sure of self, daring and not so eager to trade comfort for freedom.  Wild as in aware of our power-from-within.

We absolutely need access to our wild and wise power-from-within right now because we are all facing snarling and snapping dangers in our lives.  Weird as it may sound, I don’t think the danger is in what we’re facing.  It’s not the lion or the job or the relationship or the checkbook.  It’s in how we want to face what’s before us.  Because it is really, really dangerous to be in this world without a great deal of inner power.

Today I’m standing in front of a beastie of a to-do list and a full spectrum of delicious distractions.  It will definitely take my power-from-within to keep my focus, to stay clear and aware and moving in the direction I know is best for me, to not be defined or confined by limiting thinking.  Good thing I’ve got my whip, high boots and sparkly regalia.

How about you?  What wild women in your lives have inspired you to step into your inner power?


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